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Hi there!

I am Luke Stringwalker, prog metal
swashbuckler, sci-fi/adventure fan, and all-around strange guy.

Luke Stringwalker - "WilCo" Cover

“WilCo” is an assortment of some of my instrumental ideas from the last decade or so, brought together under one title that alludes to one of my all-time heroes, Roger Wilco.

Stringchewers - Debut Single Release Cover

Together with my brother Chewbassa I am working on a string chewing prog project. Stay tuned for a debut single release later this decade (hopefully): Official Facebook Page

If you like what I do (or don’t do), you can support me by buying my music on Bandcamp. You can also give it a listen on one of the many streaming platforms. Stay prog!

What Critics (Could) Say

“It sounds better than it smells.”
“Excellent music. Wrong, but excellent.”
“As usual, it’s been a real pantload.”
“The music is not what it seems …”
“It sounds like someone (or something) is approaching.”